What is Clickthulu?

Clickthulu is a robust site management system, designed with the artist and author in mind.

Clickthulu provides a rich environment for media delivery, while making it easy for content developers to control their content their way.

Clickthulu has been built for the artist from the ground up, allowing greater flexibility for site management while still providing a comfortable interface for those unfamiliar with programming. Content creators have the freedom to design templates that match their personal styles. You do not have to follow artificial restrictions that force your work to fit within pre-defined limits.

The rich palette of tools available in Clickthulu can be tailored to suit both the beginner looking for a quick hosting solution to the power user in search of greater control and flexibility in their site design. Common tasks, such as scheduling, publishing, and maintaining your user community, can be automatically done with the ease of setting an alarm or filter.

Clickthulu has been developed by artists for artists, and the technology and function of Clickthulu has evolved through years of experience. Version 3, released in early 2016, is the result of years of hard work and dedicated care.

The stars are now right - come see what a difference Clickthulu can make for you!

Easy to use

Clickthulu makes it easy for content creators to set up and maintain their personalized space. Built from a collection of easily customizable templates, Clickthulu allows artists to design their site around the look and feel that they are most comfortable with, matching their style and their work. These templates carry those elements throughout the site, from the welcome screen to the user forums.

Repetitive tasks can be scheduled at specific times. Load your image buffer with new content and have Clickthulu post them at regular intervals while you are away. Keep an eye on your user community. All of these features are accessible from any device, whenever you want to.

Best of all, Clickthulu frees you from having to deal with the technical details and allows you to focus on your art!

Tap into the power

While it was designed around the needs of content creators, Clickthulu is an extremely powerful and robust content management system.

Built around a PHP architecture with a MySQL backend, Clickthulu provides site management functionality through a dedicated administrative panel. Features like page scheduling, gallery management, cast administration, community management, and many others are available and easy to implement. Even better, Clickthulu's design allows site administrators the power to combine these features to expand web presence in any way they can imagine.

For more information about the versatility of Clickthulu, and how it can enhance your site, click the "Contact" icon below.

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